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TEDx Presentation by Jennie Armato – Collaboration Circles Empower Entrepreneurs in the New Economy


I want to share a special moment for me in my career – a crescendo … and how I’ve evolved from a woman with little prospects who started with a couple of other people’s products to sell on the net back in 1996 to selling over 20,000 different products in a range of industries, all around the world.

I’ve paid off massive debts thanks to my entrepreneurial pursuits, especially thanks to the power of the internet. I’ve created a secure savings base and started to really enjoy the many riches of life!!

THEN, I started teaching, coaching and mentoring others how you could do it too.

THEN, I wrote the book about how you can do it too.

THEN, I travelled the world, several times over, to speak, share and teach all about how you can do it too.

And THEN … ultimately I have developed THE Success Blueprints for Entrepreneurs who want to achieve all or some of the same things I have achieved in my information marketing career too.

This presentation I gave recently at TEDx Byron Bay explains the Evolution of the Entrepreneur … and How YOU can go forward Empowered in the New Economy using a support system I’ve called “Collaboration Circles”.

… Spending the time, focus and energy to develop the concept of Collaboration Circles has been ‘taken’ from time and money I could have been doing other things for myself and my business. BUT, I wanted to create something that YOU can use as a Gift of Empowerment from me – a legacy item if you will … and so this also completes the cycle of empowering you to be all you can be … and to start to develop your Legacy item too.

IF YOU LIKE COLLABORATION CIRCLES and you would like to show your support for me I would be SO Grateful for you to share this post and particularly this video, which is on YouTube. You can share this blog post using the “Share This” link below.

Thank you for sharing it! I’d really appreciate YOUR Help and Your Support to get my message out.

Thanks in advance and best of success.  Be sure to subscribe so you find out How to Start Your Own Collaboration Circle.

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5 Responses to “TEDx Presentation by Jennie Armato – Collaboration Circles Empower Entrepreneurs in the New Economy”

  1. So inspiring Jennie. I think you’re spot on -collabaration not more information is the real key to exponential business and personal growth.

  2. Fran Blake says:

    Thanks Jen, This is awesome info and I’m inspired to create a collaboration circle with my peers. For those who are interested in participating in my cc which is centred around property development, if you enjoy having fun and are keen to receive above average returns on your investment $$’s, then contact me at nakedtruthteam@gmail.com

    Cheers, Fran

  3. Robbie van't Wout says:

    That is so so so so awesome Jen. Inspiring incredable. What more can I say
    Love ya Jen

  4. Jennie,
    I have been listening to Jamie McIntyres MP3 recordings of his 21st Century Internet Marketing Homestudy Course and have heard you present 3 or 4 times at Jamies Events. You always deliver quality information and this post is no exception. As a topic in Napolean Hills work Think and Grow Rich book it is essential to build or engage in a mastermind group and You have explained this perfectly. I love the whole fish theme too. Just Brilliant. Happy to spread this around.

  5. Ino Hanbad says:

    Thank you very much for that

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