Ignite Your Kuala Lumpur Nightlife With These Spectacular Venues

Planning a trip to South East Asia and would like to get a taste of how the locals sit back and relax? Do not worry as this post is where you can learn more. Come by Kuala Lumpur, the most multicultural and colourful city. From a myriad of rooftop bars and fine dining Kuala Lumpur restaurants to look into. Kuala Lumpur city has some of the best Malaysia bar for you to swig on cocktails or relish on a great glass of Champignon. The choice is boundless when you search for a restaurant for fine dining. Most of the venues in KL offer great dishes, signature drinks to panoramic views. Where to go in KL at night when there are so much to choose from – a steak house in KL, a lane of bars in Changkat or even a cigar lounge in Malaysia.

Here are 4 mind-blowing venues you have to take a look at to make your Kuala Lumpur nightlife worthwhile.

Marble 8


Being a steak fanatic, you should anticipate having the best steak in KL at this spectacular premise. Marble 8 is situated at Binjai 8, a steakhouse in KL that has deliciously dry-aged steaks to perfection.After a good plate of steak, switch up the environment to the fancy lounge, M8.It features a bar serving high quality wines and cocktails, as well as a cigar lounge.

Elysium Bar

Standing tall with a rising 32nd floor viewpoint soaking up both views of the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower.It is one of the best bar in KL you can find, making it the best location for any cocktail party. Book a seat at the outdoor balcony to enjoy the stunning scenery of the sunset. When you feel hungry, they have a good choice of finger foods that won’t hurt to munch on after a couple of drinks.

Mai Bar

Located at Aloft in KL Sentral, this fun tiki-themed rooftop bar surely serves guests one of the most special cocktails while sitting atop. In their drinks menu, expect classic cocktails to funky local twists that are mostly served in adorable Tiki mugs, to live up to the bar’s very own tropical style.

The Malt & Leaf

Cigar and malt whisky lovers, you should never miss out on this masculine sanctuary. Although it is no steakhouse in KL, but you can get the finest malt whiskys and cigar in Malaysia. Malt & Leaf is a cigar lounge and bar that speaks extravagance, while offering you premium cigars and high quality malt whisky. However you wish to spend your Day or night, this KL bar exudes you an air of cosiness for a relaxing spot for indulging good whisky and cigars.

Want to enjoy further with more recommendations? Read this website for more suggestions on where to head to in Kuala Lumpur.

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Top 4 Miracle Cures For Dandruff

Dandruff is a typical chronic scalp condition which causes an itchy scalp but isn’t contagious or damaging. However it can be uncomfortable and hard to care for if not given the right treatment. Particularly those with dark hair and wear dark coloured clothes, you may find these dandruff flakes in your hair or on your shoulders, which can be an unpleasant sight. Many believe that dandruff is triggered by infrequent hair wash or even over washing using the wrong shampoo for dry hair. However, researchers are still studying the causes of dandruff, which seem to be more complex than just poor hygiene. You could be using all kinds of best shampoo for itchy scalp but it has not resolved your concerns with dandruff flakes.

Listed below are some of the most effective dandruff treatment you can use to help reduce the problem.


  1. Anti-dandruff shampoo

Selsun Blue, is a medicated best anti dandruff shampoo that washes your hair like nothing else.The anti dandruff shampoo has a heavy medicated smell, but worth bearing due to its ability to significantly reduce flaking and itchiness of the scalp.


  1. Rinsing with Listerine

As bizarre as it may sound, it is understood to be the miracle cure to dry itchy scalp. Many swear by it today, where Listerine actually helps to remove seborrheic dermatitis and soothes an inflamed scalp. All of which, it boosts the health of hair and scalp in general. You can use Listerine as a final rinse after washing your hair with a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.


  1. Vinegar

Applying vinegar into your scalp may appear like it will stink up your hair, but it can be quite an powerful method to treat dandruff.The formation of dandruff is from the swift growth of skin cells, where it dies off and then builds up dry skin cells again, resulting in skin irritation and itchiness. With the use of vinegar like Apple Cider, you can rinse your hair with it and rub it into your scalp until it fully absorbs. After a good rinse, wash hair thoroughly using a shampoo for dry scalp.


  1. Switch up shampoos

Ever experience discovering that perfect shampoo that magically works on you, but all of a sudden it just stops? Then dandruff reforms into an infuriating mess. That is when you realise would need to switch up your shampoo for dry hair. Often, people build up defense to a shampoo’s active ingredients. So if yours has suddenly stopped working, it’s time for a switch. It is advisable that you keep switching up shampoo of several ingredients every month.

If you have a better remedy for dandruff treatment, do let us know in the comments below! Find more information about factors behind dandruff at Medical News Today.

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Upscale Places To Visit In Malaysia

Malaysia is a truly melting pot for an array of cuisines that one can find in restaurants as well as the bustling street. So many choices of food on the menu that you are often spoiled for choices, that you would have a tough time deciding what’s really good to eat. What if you want something a tad bit more special? Like, fine dining for instance. In Kuala Lumpur, you can inevitably find some of the best places to have a enchanting dinner, a wine bar to chill out your day with your work mates or a stylish cigar lounge for a chill out session with friends. Be it having wine and spirits alongside terrific views in a rooftop bar, an exquisite award-winning Italian restaurant in KL, or just somewhere out of town, you’re definitely lucky as we know three great places to recommend.

Marini’s on 57
lounge bar kl 1Make your way down to KLCC, as Marini’s on 57 is the place to be when you happen to be at the center of KL. Popularly known to be the highest rooftop restaurant in KL, Marini’s on 57 selection of fine Italian cuisine simply does not let you down. Expect professional service while you enjoy the panoramic views of the Kuala Lumpur city. From hundreds of extraordinary bar in KL that you can find, Marini’s on 57 simply sits right at the top of the list. Ladies can enjoy highly sought after promotion on cocktails during W Night, on every Wednesday nights. After having a delicious Italian meal, grab a drink or two at the whisky bar KL and dance away by the DJ’s deck with catchy tunes before you call it a night.

Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining

This exquisite restaurant in KL sits atop at Troika, featuring a multi-concept fine dining Kuala Lumpur encounter for patrons. The notion offers modern European cuisine on its menu to satiate the palate of those who look for for some taste of Western dishes. The interiors of the restaurant is luxuriously designed with adequate seating places for large groups, which makes it highly welcoming for families and friends. If you prefer a more charming environment, opt to dine at the outdoor balcony where pleasure seekers are able to gawk at the great landscape views.

Marble 8

Steak fanatics, this place is calling for you. Why Marble 8’s choice of steaks are so distinctive is because they are dry-aged up to 21 to 40 days at the restaurant. Steaks are perfectly sliced and seared with various sauces and sides of your choice. We really suggest ordering the Tenderloin on the bone from the steak house menu, as the meat is simply so tender and juicy. Check out another bar in KL called M8, which is Marble 8’s very own swanky bar. There is a romantic garden which is certainly perfect for couples to spend the night, with vodka cocktails to accompany.

Dining and drinking in Kuala Lumpur bar is not all about just luxury. You can bring it a step down for a casual setting at Changkat for instance. Some want to drink cheaply, so start with KL bar hopping on Changkat street and then concluding your night in Zouk Club, KL’s most popular club.

For more information on the best restaurants you can find in Kuala Lumpur, check out this link:

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Marini’s on 57: Award-Winning Cocktails and the Best Red Wine!


Did you ever hear of Marini’s on 57 – the highest sky bar in Kuala Lumpur? Three areas are available which altogether give the best 360° panorama view any bar in KL offers. Its three distinct areas each generate a different ambience and mood.

I want to introduce you to the bar first. It’s an ultra-chic, or even the chicest, sky bar Kuala Lumpur is offering. It features floor to ceiling glass windows and state of the art LED lighting. The award-winning bartenders are masters in mixology and contribute to the title of the best bar in KL with their signature cocktails. Also, make certain to not miss out on experiencing a cocktail party during the daily Sunset Hours (5pm – 9pm), in which the area transforms into a sunset bar with discounts on cocktails. Get in awe of the stunning view and show your buddies what KL’s sunset on the horizon has to offer!

Marini's on 57 cocktails

Getting to the restaurant, the second area the Marini’s on 57. It’s the best Italian restaurant in KL having an exquisite à la carte menu including artisan-made pastas, freshest home-flown seafood from Italy and imported beef cuts of highest quality. Adding to the exquisite dishes, the restaurant also features a wine list with the best red wine internationally available. Bad at selecting the best wine? No worries, since the house own sommeliers will help you get the best red wine for your meal. Haven’t had western food in KL before? The greatest Italian restaurant in KL will certainly offer you a great time.

Marini's on 57 best red wine

Would like to try a top quality steak restaurant in KL? Marini Group has also its own, just as premium as the Marini’s on 57, steakhouse in KL. It provides the best cuts of meat ranging from beautifully marbled wagyu beef over to angus beef. Visit Marble 8’s website for more information.

The final area I’d like to introduce you to is Marini’s on 57’s lounge bar in KL. Fed up with lots of the bars serving Jim Beam as their only Whiskey? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Jim Beam, but sometimes a true Gentleman is seeking a whisky of higher class. The brilliant range of whiskeys is as exceptional as the bar’s best red wine and champagne menu. Need even more class? Concluding a business contract while taking pleasure in a cigar in Malaysia will definitely be worth it. Both, you along with your business partner will love it.

Concluding, it can be stated that the Marini’s on 57 definitely can be viewed as as one of the best in its three classes here in KL and you’ll undoubtedly miss out on a fantastic experience in the event you don’t pay it a visit.

By the way, the Marini’s on 57 scores only the best grades in the two categories “Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur” and “Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur” on TripAdvisor. Check the links for more information and reviews.

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Remodeling Of Your Home Exterior

A reconstruction of your home’s exterior can really deliver the fulfillment, especially when they turned out how you would like them to be. However you wish to renovate from brick works, roof construction or a lawnturf, these renovation procedures can be quite traumatic if not thought of properly. In order to make sure your remodeling plans run efficiently, read on for these pointers:

Searching for the most suitable contractor

Get assistance from a specialist if you need a carpenter, electrician, painter or a brick layer. Regular suggestions for the best contractors would be through referrals.Identifying where to get the best contractors can be tough, but commonly it would be through word of mouth, or search from a trade and service website like service.com.au.

Checklist of areas to renovate

Basic projects like tree trimming or bricklayers can be done in a matter of moments, but home renovation is more than just that. To be economical with the remodeling plan, being selective on renovation choices is vital. Make major parts that you want to reconstruct a priority. Make sure that these new areas will add common value to your home.

Incorporating a pergola

Bring your outdoor spaces to a higher level by setting up a gorgeous pergola for a spot to relax. The requirements to building the alfresco area is to select the best design of roof structure of the pergola. Gable shaped roofs may very well be higher priced, but they are both extra useful and aesthetically pleasing as compared to a flat house roof.

Garden with an instant turf


Having enough garden of fresh turf and landscaping is anyone’s dream for a stunning garden. If you are just looking for painless care to accommodate pets or children, consider setting up artificial turf instead. Furthermore, plants and trees will need some trimming once these plants are being transferred for landscaping work. However, tree removal on your own would be a challenge, so remember to get an arborist to help you out.

Security front door and window

A gorgeous, quality front door improves your home’s appearance and curb appeal while keeping your family protected and secure.With the use of a security door that welded with sturdy materials like steel, this ensures that it resists forced entry. This goes for window placements, opt for security window with addition of window security screens, that make break-ins difficult and give you a peace of mind.

Set up of waste disposal

Installation of a waste disposal at your home compound is often neglected.Proper rubbish removal is important due to the fact that waste can ruin the environment.

Take your own time

Do not rush it and do lots of investigation before you pursue with the renovation.Be sure you have a backup plan when all else fails.

Need more renovation ideas? Look out for tips at realestate.com.au.

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Classy Bars With Sunset Views of Kuala Lumpur

South East Asia has some of the most outstanding spots for an unwinding moment, whether it’s during the sunlight or moonlight. There is a myriad of rooftop bars and restaurants to visit during your visit in the Asian landscape. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, you would most likely end up in a trendy bar in KL. You get to sip on delightful mixed drinks in the local scene such as at the sunset bar. When it comes to picking out a restaurant in KL, you have endless of choice between upscale to budget eateries. Even for those traveling who crave for some Western food in KL, they can certainly find good places to eat easily especially at the centre of the city.

Nonetheless, it is uncommon to find a place that feature three things: fantastic food, delicious drinks and attractive views. Fret not as we have great recommendations listed for you. Here are 4 amazing venues you have to look at when you make your visit to Kuala Lumpur.

Marble 8
steakhouse kl 2

Smacked at the centre of the city, this renowned steakhouse is no stranger for the meat eaters. Marble 8 is located at Binjai 8, a steakhouse restaurant that offers delightfully dry-aged steaks to perfection. Their steaks are personally selected by their founder, Modest Marini. From the sleek and stylish menu, an interesting list of succulent steaks are available, from steak on stone, tenderloin on the bone and many more. After having your delicious meal at Marble 8, you can take a look at a lounge bar KL at M8. From Grey Goose to Absolut Vodka, their in-house mixologist concocts flavorful hand made cocktails that will spark up your night amidst the picturesque scenery of Kuala Lumpur city.

Elysium Bar


In Elysium bar, you get to experience a view that takes both the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. If you wish to get the perfect sunset scenery to accompany you, you can opt to sit outside of the balcony of the sunset bar. In Elysium, the mixology bar KL combines some of the premium wine and spirits to make special cocktail mixes. Ladies, do try out their refined cocktails like Hibiscus Sour or the Lychee Martini that are simply perfect to savour on a ladies’ night. When you feel hungry, they have a good selection of finger foods that won’t hurt to munch on after a number of drinks.

Mai Bar


Nestled at Aloft in KL Sentral, this swanky bar has a Tiki theme that features tropical cocktails on the rooftop. Due to the tropical theme of this bar, most cocktails are served in a Tiki-themed mug. If you plan on bringing in summer vibes on your birthday celebration or any type of events in KL, do consider going to Mai Bar. Remember to book upfront to save a good spot for you and your peers.

The Malt & Leaf


Cigar and malt whisky lovers, you should not miss out on this masculine sanctuary. Malt & Leaf features an elegant cigar lounge and bar that serves the finest collection of quality malts. However you wish to spend your Day or night, this handsome whisky bar KL exudes you an air of cosiness for a relaxing spot for indulging excellent whisky and cigars. The venue exudes an air of cosiness and it will certainly bring your senses to a higher level with the starry scenery from the top.

Want to enjoy further with other recommended bar in KL? Check out Asia Bar for more suggestions on where to head to in Kuala Lumpur.

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Feast On Delectables Within Scenic Cityscapes

Discovery of various cuisines in Malaysia is something most travelers would expect to happen when visiting the colourful city. Make your pick of local to international cuisine, that you would indeed have trouble deciding where to have your next meal. However, if you would like something extravagant yet lavish, you may try experiencing fine dining Kuala Lumpur. To enjoy finer things in life, there are various fine dining restaurants you can find, a wine bar to unwind your day with your work mates or a classy cigar lounge for a chill out sessions. Be it drinking wine and spirits alongside fantastic views in a rooftop bar, an elegant award-winning Italian restaurant in KL, or just somewhere out of town, you’re definitely lucky as we know three great places to recommend.

Marini’s on 57

Head over to Malaysia’s tallest building, KLCC, as Marini’s on 57 is the place to be when you happen to be at the center of KL. Popularly known to be the highest rooftop restaurant in KL, Marini’s on 57 selection of fine Italian cuisine simply does not disappoint. Expect top notch service while you enjoy the picturesque views of the Kuala Lumpur city. From hundreds of spectacular bar in KL that you can find, Marini’s on 57 simply sits right at the top of the list. Ladies can enjoy exclusive promotion on cocktails during W Night, on every Wednesday nights. At the whisky bar KL of Marini’s on 57, signature cocktails are handcrafted by specially by their mixologist. After witty conversations over an Italian meal and red wine, take it over at the dance floor and show off your best moves.

Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining

Standing tall in Troika, Cantaloupe is a fine dining restaurant in KL that offers simply the finest of food with a stunning view. The multi-concept dining experience goes with a fine dining Kuala Lumpur of modern European cuisine available in its menu.The interiors of the restaurant is luxuriously designed with adequate seating places for large groups, which makes it highly inviting for families and friends. If you prefer a more charming environment, opt to dine at the outdoor balcony where pleasure seekers are able to gawk at the great landscape views.

Marble 8

This steakhouse is no stranger for meat advocates. In Marble 8, slabs of meat are dry-aged to perfection up to 21 to 40 days in the restaurant itself. Be captivated by the impressive selection of steak dishes you can find on their steak house menu. Some of the most preferred cuts are the Tenderloin on the bone and rib-eye steaks. Check out another bar in KL called M8, which is Marble 8’s very own swanky bar. There is a romantic garden which is absolutely perfect for couples to spend the night, with vodka cocktails to accompany.

If you are already tired being in the same restaurant in KL, head on over to Changkat or TREC for an even more exciting nightlife. Begin bar hopping around all kinds of bars and then take it out at the major club in KL, Zouk Club.

More suggestions available by the Elite Traveler on where you can dine luxuriously.

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Condo Living Amidst Bustling Townships – Limited Units Left


Ampang city has developed from a modest tin mining town into a bustling township, thriving from a little Chinese community.

The prominent Ampang Road is consistently busy with traffic problems because most Malaysians use it to visit Kl centre.

However, there are many different major highways connecting around Ampang area and its neighbouring vicinity like Pandan, Cheras, Wangsa Maju and Setiawangsa.

Ampang is really nearby Kuala Lumpur city centre and it has led in lots of people deciding that it is the perfect place to live and also to invest.

As land for progress in Ampang is definitely exhausted and limited, property value has boomed drastically.

It really has lent great expected profits for people that had earlier purchased or invested in this site.

Those are the lucky ones who have benefitted financially or privately. Most of these people are really fortunate to profit whether economic or personal wise.

They’re now enjoying high property value returns or residing in proximity toward the city centre..

A concealed treasure of a property development is simply not just fully known in this desired district.

Seeing that it was riddled with completion delays, the Axis Crown Pandan hasn’t been overly popular among its buyers.

A impressive mixed development containing commercial and residential blueprints, the Axis Pandan development was the inception of RK Group Malaysia.

It will be almost close to completion.

Absorbing the rest of the completion task from Axis Crown developer, is Convergent Solutions Sdn Bhd (CSSB).

The work is made of serviced apartments, condos and SoHo (Small Office Home Office) units.

Each Axis Crown unit boasts a car park bay. The 44-storey condo establishment encompasses 174 units.

Residents will enjoy club facilities for instance a bar, fitness center, infinity pool, spa and jacuzzi.

Facilities of its neighboring commercial development, Axis Atrium boast of hypermarket AEON Big as the main tenant.

Get food and essential needs within restaurants and stores situated in the mall for example, Old Town White Coffee, KFC, Subway, Chatime, Focus Point, Mr. DIY.

To be located smack in the center of various accessibility to primary highways, Axis Crown is a boon for investors.

It can be accessed via Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Kesas Highway, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH) and Sungai Besi Expressway (SBE).

For individuals travelling by public transport, Axis Crown is positioned close to Pandan Indah LRT network which is supported by buses and taxis. Going to and fro Axis Crown is incredibly simple and easy.

Other outstanding aspects that add up to Axis Crown’s success are the comfort of being close to schools, banks, business centres, healthcare facilities and post offices.

Take a look at Axis Crown for investing or probably to reside in if you rave about city lifestyle or to cash in on high rental returns as much as 8% per annum.

Being appreciated for prime capital values, it’s really a great alternative for those with long term investment goals, along with prime location, many available amenities and premier condo services.

With Axis Crown completion date approaching the light at the end of a tunnel, you’ll be reaping in the luxuries of owning one of the most desired property in Malaysia.

View here for more information: http://www.propwall.my/pandan/axis_sohu


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Travel to Kuala Lumpur City

When one plans on a holiday to Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur city will never be missed out. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, is one of the biggest touristic spots in Malaysia. The city can be quite hard to get around, so finding the ideal place to stay in is important regardless of whether you are here for a holiday, business or to celebrate a big occasion.

If you are thinking about choosing a top quality hotel room in KL for an accommodation during your stay, Malaysia stands out as the main hub for numerous flights out of Europe and U.S. to SE Asia. It is not surprising so many people visit it for business and functions including weddings and holidays. Kuala Lumpur is like most major cities in Asia, it is stressful along with horrible traffic at prime time. However, KL city centre boasts inexpensive and comfortable monorails and train services that can help you get around town.

If you’re not in KL for very long you will be perhaps likely to prefer two things whilst you’re in town, a hotel in a central location to help you to decrease on travel time and a high quality hotel, as there are quite a few shockers out there. Fret not the KL international hotel scene is strong, you want to look at a location on possibly Jalan Ampang that gives you access to KLCC and Pavilion or somewhere a bit additional out such as KL Sentral.

The beauty of KL is that it’s a quality cosmopolitan city, nestled in tropical rainforests and nature, in town you have excellent restaurants (check out Marini’s group restaurants or those in Troika building). You can expect awesome shopping destinations with massive shopping malls. If you aren’t up to city life, you also have countless of hiking trails and jungle treks to explore, surrounded by lush nature and beautiful scenery.

When you plan on having your own special occasion, there are huge selection of places you can choose from especially when it comes to weddings and corporate events. Big named hotel in Kuala Lumpur like KL Intercontinental, Sheraton, Ritz Carlton and many more, do offer meeting room in KL to cater to those who plan on having corporate events there.

Transportation is generally quite cheap in Malaysia, starting at RM3.00 per ride and only going up by small increments using its meter. Domestic flights are pretty low cost when you use AirAsia airlines which goes as low as RM200 for a return trip from Penang to KL. What’s even more awesome is that you can find quality hotels starting from RM300 onwards, with luxurious ambiance and high standard service all together.

Look out for more information about traveling in Malaysia by visiting this website: www.tourism.gov.my

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What You Need To Know About Staying In Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, speaks nothing short but the essential stop for anyone who plans to travel in Southeast Asia. Although the city can be a little tricky to get around, you can actually live at ease while enjoy spending your time. Select from a broad range of venues to reside in from centre part of KL or sub-urban destinations if you prefer less congestion. Malaysia is increasingly featuring as a top choice of destination to stay in due to its economical living and convenience.

If you’re just here to travel and explore the country, lodge in style at some of the best hotel near Bukit Bintang, which is at the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur. Regardless of business, leisure or perhaps a special function, you can get a good selection of hotels to accommodate you, such as Park Royal, KL Intercontinental, Intermark, Double Tree and many more. These hotels offer top notch experiences, sometimes at third of the cost of European counterparts.

The KL international hotel market has the identical titles you would find in Europe and nearly all are found in the city centre. The hotels here are closely accessible to the LRT/Monorail services as well as KLCC and Pavilion, other areas would include KL Sentral which joins to the airport and Bukit Bintang which is the classic touristy area in KL. Mainly because transportation could be an problem choosing the appropriate site for your stay in KL is actually much more significant

If you enjoy shopping, you really need to go through an endless list of places and malls to visit. From luxury goods at Starhill Gallery or Pavilion to mid-range shopping at Mid Valley Megamall and 1Utama Shopping Mall, you are definitely spoiled for choices.

However, if you prefer a more laidback shopping experience, you ought to check out Petaling Street. The number one tip to shopping here is that you need extreme bargaining skills, and do beware of pick-pockets.

Looking at somewhere to host your own special occasion and are beginning to think KL might be the place for you. There are great choice of venues for wedding reception, banquet hall and even wedding planner services are cheap in KL, but more importantly because Malaysia is a melting pot of so many cultures literally any type of wedding is on the cards. Check out this amazing wedding campaign video by KL Intercontinental hotel.

All transport is low cost in Malaysia, such as KTM, monorail, LRT that operate from day to night. Alcohol is pricey but restaurant prices are very cheap compared to the high quality of service you can expect. Not to mention, you can experience fine dining in KL any almost anywhere in the city. Do pay a visit to Marini’s on 57, Nobu or the notable steakhouse, Marble 8 for a delectable meal that is one of a kind.

Look out for more information on travel and living in Malaysia in Tourism Malaysia‘s homepage.

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