Going at it at the gym; do’s and don’ts.

So you’ve just started with your work out at the gym. Maybe you work out according to a training schedule, perhaps you go on your own. If you want to get results, it’s good to know what you should and should not do.

What you really should do while working out in the gym:


Warm up well before starting your work out. The point is to prepare the body. This can be achieved by bicycling for fifteen minutes, walking on the treadmill, or using the cross trainer.

Train according to a schedule

It’s good to train according a schedule so your muscles get used to it. You can use different schemes, sometimes with a pair of the same exercises, but with fewer varieties and more sets of repetitions. The gym that our team goes to in Malaysia provides them with a training schedule so be sure to ask for one from your gym.

Drink enough water

Stay hydrated by regularly drinking water – before, during and after workouts. Drinks with electrolytes have some benefit but nothing can replace water.

What you should NOT to do while working out in the gym:

Exercise on an empty stomach

It is very unwise to exercise on an empty stomach, especially if you have a heavy training session. Same with water – you need energy lest risk under performing.

NOT eat after training

After training you should actually eat. To be precise, the first thing your body needs after a good workout are fast carbs! The body requires slow carbs and protein within two hours after exercise.
Remember that a training program is prepared on the basics of your goals.  Train the stamina and endurance of a muscle, you can take short rests, which are more beneficial for a cardio workout.
If you have more questions regarding your work outs, don’t hesitate and ask someone at your fitness center.
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Best ways to tackle hair loss problem for women

Best ways to tackle hair loss problem for women




Imagine.. A hair treatment which gives you  the most shiny, healthy and frizz-free tresses that you’ve always wanted! No woman on earth does not dream about that.


Your hair has to deal with different external threats to damage every single day. Colouring, chemical treatments, exposure to heat styling products and blow-drying leave the hair damaged and prone to breakage and split-ends. Mere shampoo and conditioner are not sufficient to guaranteed a shiny, healthy hair you deserve. There are however, a lot of hair treatments available in the market with the purpose to fight hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth.



Understanding hair loss


More women have to deal with hair loss than before these days. Why though? Before you start looking at the treatments that you want to get, you should first identify the cause of your hair loss problem:


  • Stress, smoking, hormones in meat, birth control pills or lack of vitamins and protein.
  • Fewer female hormones (estrogens) and more male (testosterone) in the blood (such as during menopause).
  • Diabetes medications (antihypertensives and cholesterol).
  • Underactive thyroid, or fluctuating of hormones.



What to do against hair loss


Hair loss treatment options are getting more improved over the recent years.There are now plenty of medicines (pills) and hair growth lotions that can help promote hair growth and guard against hair loss.


Preventive care is also important: use special shampoo and conditioner that you can easily get from local pharmacies along with a good brush. If your hair is vulnerable, try to avoid getting any sort of chemical hair treatment and remember to take vitamins and supplements that helps to encourage healthy hair growth.




Thicker hair with a Keratin treatment


Keratin is a protein which already exists in the hair and other parts of the body such as your nails, teeth and skin. For example, in the skin, the keratin is automatically added by the body. The protein can be seen as a building block for hair, skin and nails.


However, because of the many harmful external elements (sun, heat styling tools, chemical treatments and etc), keratin may fade from your hair, making it look limp and frizzy. To keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny, it is important to nourish your hair with keratin treatment (also known as keratherapy)


You can get easily the treatment at any hairdressers that is close to you, and it’s safe for all hair types. The keratin treatment works by forming a protective layer on each strands of hair, which is sealed in with the heat from a flat iron. This protective layer will provide a healthy sheen and shine to your tresses, whilst eliminating frizz and strenghtening the hair follicle at the same time.


The result? Stonger, healthier and shinier hair thats soft to the touch.The treatment also helps to reduce hair-loss problems that are due to breakage. The effect of this treatment lasts up to 2 – months, so get ready to invest to get your beautiful locks!



Hair transplant


A hair transplant probably sounds a little extreme, but it is more effective that the other treatments available in the market. Hair transplant literally means implanting patches of skin with healthy hair to the bald spots on one’s scalp, which is normally done under local anesthesia.

There are two types of hair transplant available, the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT), which transplants a strip of your own skin with healthy hair to the areas that are balding, and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which extracts only the follicular units from the scalp and healthy hair cells are then harvested in them, before being transplanted back into the scalp. Both options will involve some form of surgery and comes at no small cost, but they are by no means the most effective method to curing hair loss in a short period of time.



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